Anyone in your organization who is in contact with customers should be aware that they are all part of sales, regardless of whether the interaction is via a telephone call, a video conference, or a face-to-face meeting.

Service is an integral aspect of sales.
This includes individuals in internal sales, the service team, or the implementation division. Even your developers play a crucial role as members of your sales team.

Every person interacting with the customer is collecting valuable information and data. Unfortunately, only a few individuals recognize the significance of this information and, more importantly, share it within the organization. These employees may not have received training on how to extract insights from customer interactions. They might disregard what they’ve learned or keep the information to themselves. In some cases, they may inadvertently provide the customer with information that could compromise the actions of the sales organization.

In today’s business landscape, customers often do not engage your sales team until they require final offers. In this environment, having an agile and broadly skilled sales organization is the key to success. Everyone in your organization needs to be able to identify customer needs, key decision-makers within a project buying center, and actively participate in the sales process.

We sell to people, not just organizations.
Until organizations invest in comprehensive sales team training and establish effective methods for analyzing the gathered information and data, they will miss out on opportunities. They will also struggle to gather enough data to evaluate the success of ongoing projects and secure the most profitable ones.

Sales generated through service interactions represent the most straightforward path to winning business, as it is the most cost-effective way to maintain continuous relationships with existing customers. You have direct access to your customers, and if you’ve done a good job on previous projects, the assumption is that your customers are satisfied. Therefore, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be involved early in the process and win the next project.

So, what needs to be done? The solution is straightforward: train the entire team.
In recent years, Belcredi & Partner (B&P) has conducted training sessions for technicians and service teams in various real-life and virtual projects. Initially, many participants did not understand why they had to attend the training, nor did they feel that they were a part of the sales process. On numerous occasions, B&P heard statements from these departments such as, “If my customer needs support, they will call.”

While these employees possess technical brilliance and can provide detailed explanations about products or solutions, they may not know how to effectively utilize customer information or proactively ask questions, such as, “What are your next steps?” or “How can we help you achieve greater success?”

During our customer-specific and tailor-made training sessions, B&P aims to open participants’ eyes. We employ presentations, group work with small teams, and role plays, as we firmly believe that practical exercises reflecting your specific business environment yield the best results.

For salespeople, understanding the customer should be an integral part of their daily routine. However, it’s important not to assume that everyone interacting with the customer dedicates more time to listening than talking. The fundamentals of sales lie in the ability to listen and guide conversations through thoughtful questioning. Employees who haven’t previously been involved in sales will greatly benefit from participating in our training sessions.

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